Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Safeguarding your smartphone

If you are worried about your kid cracking open your smartphone to free “Talking Tom” or cringe at the thought of a street urchin snatching it, then you should give Orient Mobile a thought   

Mobile phones being snatched from car windows in traffic jams in Nairobi has unfortunately become a norm rather than exception. Many Matatu passengers have equally lost their pricey gadgets to pickpockets and street urchin during peak hours when their minds are preoccupied with either to work early or going home to their families in the evening.  

 "one should consider an insurance cover for their phone or tablet if they can’t afford to replace or downgrade to a cheaper option"

According to Kenya Orient, the insurance company that pioneered mobile phone insurance in Kenya, one should consider an insurance cover for their phone or tablet if they can’t afford to replace or downgrade to a cheaper option in case of theft or damage.

“If you depend on your cell phone and you know you would need a prompt replacement in case of damage or theft, then Orient Mobile is an insurance cover definitely worth considering” says Muema Muindi from Kenya Orient Insurance.   

Losing or damaging your cell phone can be a nightmare because of the resultant loss of data, photos and contacts. However, there are various ways of protecting your handset, tablet and data. “If you have a house teeming with little ones, you never know when those innocent lads decide crack open the gadget and free Talking Tom,” says Mr. Muindi 

Besides insuring your handset, Mr. Muindi says, it is critical to back up your data either on the web or to the computer.  Irrespective of how expensive your gadget is, the information stockpiled in the device, phone book, photos, videos apps, games, messages, is mega-valuable.

It is thus the assumption of an insurer that you have taken requisite precautions to keep your device secure. Kenya Orient stipulates that theft claims MUST be reported to the police within 48 hours of the theft. If the loss occurs when you are outside Kenya, the insurance policy holder should report the incident to the police in the respective country within 48 hours and get a written report of the same.

“We cover accidental damage e.g. damage caused by dropping the phone/ tablet, malicious damage i.e. vandalism and liquid damage,” says Mr. Muindi.

He explains that unlike other insurance products, mobile phone cover doesn't depend on one’s gender, job, what you earn or other standard risks and registering a Claim online is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. “All you need is the ID that you used to register for your Kenya Orient  Policy. We however only insure selected models and only mobile phones that can access the internet”.

Kenya Orient is a leading general insurance company registered in Kenya and relies on more than three decades of experience to operationalize new innovative products. We have 13 branches, a staff base of over 140 people.  The insurer is renowned for developing innovative insurance products such as orient mobile, excess free motor pack,  Safaribima and they are definitely the insurer to watch for more revolutionary products.

To find our more visit www.korient.co.ke or their facebook page www.facebook.com/kenyaorientinsurance

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