Thursday, 28 August 2014

Technology covergence may save your life

Elsie Wausi has been caught three times by traffic police either texting or talking on her phone.

Each has been a different experience that she never wants to go through again. It included either parting with money and wasting productive hours at the crowded courts. For her the hefty price saw her quickly adapt new habits, especially when on the road.

Using a mobile phone while driving has been shown to have a number of detrimental effects on driving behaviour
She no longer drives without her LG Tone Infinim headset, which allows her to connect to her LG smartphone when on the road, using Bluetooth. The headset allows Ms Wausi to operate her smartphone hands free including sending and receiving calls as well as dictating messages. “I do have to say this has simplified my life, and it connects efficiently to my devices and boasts high quality sound,” she said.

A report by the World Health Organisation on the growing problem of diver distraction by Mobile Phones Use stated the using of hands-free phone devices while driving has slowly lead to reduced visual monitoring of the car and general traffic situation thus reducing the probability of causing an accident.

“Using a mobile phone while driving has been shown to have a number of detrimental effects on driving behaviour. Drivers are not only physically distracted by phoning and driving simultaneously, but they are also cognitively distracted by having to divide their attention between the conversation they are involved in and tasks relating to driving,” the report says.

The report advocates for the use of hands free devices and governments putting in place policies to reduce road carnage due to distraction caused by being on the phone.

For Ms Wausi the hands free headset has allowed the business woman, who runs her cake business out of her home kitchen and delivers to clients, to get a lot of work done, with ease, as she sits in traffic.

She no longer limits the use of her headset to the car and can be found carrying on a conversation comfortably as she pours cake mix into a baking tin. With the handset in place she is able to continue working as she talks to her clients taking orders which she later dictates to her message board.

Today people are more interconnected than ever before and technology is at the forefront of this. The market offers a wide range of connectivity devices allowing for intelligent devices to ‘talk’ to each other. This is quickly changing people’s day-to-day lives allowing them to save on time, energy and to an extent how they consume the different available products.

Wearable technology is also gaining popularity with people embracing the devices to better ease their lives. One such technology is the Android Wear smart watches. The Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony and LG’s G Watch are some of the recent accessories which allow one to pair, seamlessly, with other android devices.

These accessories run on the same technology but boast different features including overall design and memory. The LG G Watch device runs on any android device running on 4.3 or greater, while the Samsung Galaxy Gear pairs with Samsung device through NFC and Bluetooth.

These devices make it easier to sync with a wide range of products ranging from smartphones to tablets in the market easing the customers’ lives.They use voice command and give users more options to interact with their devices, helping users to stay connected always.

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