Friday, 20 March 2015

The future of technology is curved

As the world continues to push its technological boundaries, consumers are beginning to seek technology that is specifically designed to seamlessly fit into the daily hustle and bustle of life. LG Electronics remains at the fore of this pursuit in creating technology that is ergonomic as well as user-friendly.

Recently, the electronics company launched the world’s first curved screen TV dubbed the OLED TV. With the aim of providing consumers with a television designed to immerse the user in the viewing experience of images and motion pictures. The enhanced design features of the TV mirror the curve in a human eye, giving the viewer a wider scope in imagery as well as a sharper perception along the edges of focus.

“The idea behind creating technology that is curved, is to give consumers an optimum sense of comfort and ease in use,” said Moses Marji is Marketing General Manager, LG Electronics East Africa

The OLED TV comes with a fairly minimalistic approach in terms of design; a subtle stand and slim bezel with the 65inch screen being the main feature. Bigger is indeed better, when it comes to the viewing experience on the OLED TV. The TV’s viewing can be construed by viewers to be 3D; this is a primary result of the notable arch of the screen.

As described in a Forbes article, curved TVs “deliver almost twice as much perceived contrast” for the viewer. Images on a curved TV are viewed off-axis because of the shaper perspective given along the edges. This in turn reduces the negative effects normally experienced by viewers in terms of colour and contrast.

Products featuring a curve as produced by LG include the recently launched LG G Flex 2, which the electronic firm hopes will put a stylish spark back in the ergonomic advantages of owning a curved mobile phone.

LG Electronics is pushing its creative boundaries by introducing curved smartphones into the mobile world. “The human body is not a flat surface,” Mr Marji further described “therefore technological products we use on a daily basis should seamlessly fit into our pockets and curve towards our ears and mouth.”

The current LG G Flex 2 includes an HD P-OLED display providing a better interactive experience for the user. The curvature of the phone re-introduces the simplicity of phones produced in the past, blending new-technology characteristics that ultimately give an enhanced user-friendly experience.

Fashionable technology is perceived as products that aim to assimilate and enhance lifestyle. As wearable technology continues to gain traction, a wide majority of technological consumers already own various personal devices. Smartphones for instance accommodate a vast range of users and LG will continue to push the boundaries to give users a variety in terms of technologies available for purchase.

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