Friday, 31 October 2014

You can now sit back as a robot cleans your house

Professionals are spreading themselves too thin trying to fit multiple chores into an already overstretched schedule.  But electronics manufacturers are rapidly innovating to stand in the gap and make customers’ lives convenient.  An ever growing middle class living fast paced life is propelling demand for smart and sometimes robotic home appliances that self-operate to claw back on time.

LG Hom-Bot Square Vacuum Cleaner
This demand is compelling electronics manufactures to continuously innovate and keep up with emerging needs. The trend has ignited a race by manufacturers to increase their range of ‘intelligent’ product portfolio in the home appliances category. Consumers are now increasingly keen on establishing appliance’s ability to minimise on effort and save time before purchase.

The demand has seen LG Electronics introduce a new smart robotic vacuum machine dubbed Hom-Bot. The robot vacuum cleaner sets itself apart from its rivals by offering a choice of customisable cleaning modes that give you control of the cleaning process.
For Kenyan professionals who often have to juggle competing tasks; the Hom-Bot comes in handy in reclaiming your time.

“You can set it and go on about your business, letting it run automatically on the default settings, say Moses Marji, the LG East Africa Marketing General Manager. Hom-Bot Square cleans effectively and efficiently, which is comprises two long brushes, Corner Detecting Sensors and the cleaner’s unique shape.

With its more angular form and newly designed brushes that have been lengthened by 1.5cm, the robot can remove dust and dirt from the tightest of corners.
The Corner Detecting Sensors enable the smart cleaner to pinpoint its exact location in the home, telling it when to turn or if it has reached the edge of a room.  Besides doing a decent job cleaning your home, the innovation has eclipsed LG’s potential competitor, the Roomba.

Besides cleaning corners more effectively than its rivals, the Hom-Bot has two sweeping brush while the Roomba has two. The Roomba brags of one primary cleaning mode while the Hom-Bot packs two, plus five additional modes.
Robotic cleaners typically have only one camera. The advanced Hom-Bot Square uses two improved Dual Eye 2.0 cameras to plot out a smarter, faster and more efficient cleaning route.

Taking several images per second, the upper and lower cameras effectively scan ceilings, walls and floors, even in the dark.  This information is then analyzed by Hom-Bot Square generate smarter mapping. At the same time, multiple sensors detect all obstacles within a 180 degree field, taking a myriad of surface images for collision-free operation.

The Hom-Bot Square also features a Learning Function which enables it to recognize areas it has previously cleaned. This helps it to remember the positioning of objects or to sense when an area is already clean, minimising unnecessary repetition. Low noise level means the vacuum can clean when you’re watching TV, talking on the phone or reading. With a height of just 89mm, the unit’s slimmed-down profile enables it to maneuver around the home with ease, even under most furniture.

The LG Hom-Bot Square makes cleaning more convenient because it requires less frequent emptying due to the larger capacity Easy-out Dust Bin.Unlike other robotic vacuum cleaners where the dust bin is located on the side, the Easy-out Dust Bin is positioned at the top of the cleaner for quick and hygienic removal.

The larger and upgraded HEPA 11 filter also enables it to separate dust particles from the air more thoroughly, while also helping eliminate unpleasant odours. Turbo Mode lets users manually adjust the cleaner to best match the characteristics of their flooring and Smart Turbo Mode automatically detects the type of flooring and changes its own settings for best performance.

Users will further enjoy a host of convenient features such as Voice Guidance, which includes over 90 voice alerts as well as Smart Diagnosis that troubleshoots problems more easily. Additionally, the improved battery holds more charge, meaning owners of the LG Hom-Bot Square can enjoy extended periods of worry-free automated cleaning.

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