Friday, 14 March 2014

Samsung’s Bubble washing machine goes burst

Samsung is yet again at loggerheads with another consumer rights organization over misrepresentation of capabilities of its Samsung Ecobubble range of washing machines in its advertisements in Morrocco. The range of washing machines is presented as revolutionary with the ability to help households to save 70 % energy.

This comes hot on heels of an investigation in Australia following an accusation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that Samsung “may have breached the Australian Consumer Law” by misrepresenting the energy savings of its Bubble Wash washing machines compared to conventional washing machine.

The ACCC’s considered that the comparative energy savings representations made in the demonstration kit and incorporated promotional video were likely to have been misleading as Samsung represented that its Bubble Wash washing machines when using cold water offered significant energy savings over conventional washing machines using cold water, when this was not the case. 

In other countries, tests have shown that this performance is only possible with a poor quality of washing and associations of consumer protection made several claims, forcing Samsung to withdraw any communication related  to energy saving.

While Samsung removed all communication on the exaggerated energy saving capabilities of the washing machines globally, Samsung 7.5kg Front Loader model WF0754W7V and Samsung 8.5kg Front Loader model WF0854W8E, Samsung continues to put forward this argument in Morocco. 

President of the Moroccan Federation of Consumer Rights (FMDC), Mr. Bouazza Kherrati confirms the existence of this erroneous communication. “As an association, we can’t do anything. To go to court, we need a status of public utility association from the government. And getting it takes too much time and energy just to get in touch with the relevant department" he said.

“So we are facing a triple failure: legal, administrative and control," said Mr. Kherrati. “Meanwhile, many consumers continue to buy products that they do not know truly, either about their qualities or defects and suffer from disappointment because of false information.”

In Australia, ACCC Chairman Rod Sims cautioned that “consumers’ purchasing decisions can be significantly influenced by energy savings claims both in terms of perceived environmental benefits and household costs savings.”

“It is important for consumers not to be misled by manufacturers’ comparative advertising claims. Where a company compares the energy savings that can be obtained from its own product with other competing products on the market, the comparisons made must be accurate, thereby enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.” Mr. Sims said.

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