Thursday, 1 August 2013

LG’s smart way of staying healthy

Sometimes your yearning for that piece of chocolate is simply irresistible. Even the most health-conscious will sometime give in indulgence in junk food. Varying studies have pointed to a striking possibility that even small morsels of food, those occasional indulgences, may produce significant changes in gene expression that could negatively impact physiology and health. 

Some of today’s biggest technology companies were among the first to realize the negative impact that the modern food culture and busy professional lifestyle was having on employees. Google, for example, installed healthy meal cafeterias, coffee bars and various other food locations where employees could access fresh, healthy food. Google also incorporated in-house fitness centers and swimming pools so that workers could fit in a workout between long programming sessions.

LG has always believed that technology and innovation could – and should – be used to make life better. So while others saw the household refrigerator as merely a way to keep food cool, LG saw it as an opportunity. A refrigerator, if designed properly, could help users make improvements to their everyday lives.

LG also understand that in today’s busy and fast environment, consumers around the world are finding it more and more difficult to eat fresh, nutritious food and maintain a healthy overall lifestyle. Door-in-Door refrigerator provides a great example of technology making life better. Its cavernous capacity means that families won’t need to worry about running out of room after grocery shopping.

These features are worth pointing out to consumers buying a new fridge, says Mr Kim. “People only buy home appliances about every eight or 10 years and might have some preconceived notions. For instance, some may think that milk should not go on the door because it will be too warm. But our fridges have multiple sensors to maintain temperature and certain spots,” explains Mr Josep Kim, the Managing Director LG East and Central Africa.    

However, offering more space doesn’t solve all of today’s food storage problems. Big capacities need to be organized in an intelligent way. And this is where LG’s refrigerators excel. The Door-in-Door feature offers an immediate organizational advantage. It gives family members quick access to frequently used items such as sports drinks and healthy snacks.

Past the Door-in-Door and inside the main compartments, there are more clever design features. For example, the Slim Space PlusTM Ice System is far less bulky than conventional ice makers, meaning that more of that large capacity is reserved for food items, and extra room is created for door bins.

In addition, the 3-Tier OrganizationTM Freezer System lets users organize their frozen peas and blueberries in a much more logical manner, helping eliminate having to throw out items lost to freezer burn.

Even with intelligent space organization, consumers are often reluctant to buy large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables because they’re afraid these items will expire before they can all be eaten. This means that consumers will have to make frequent trips to a grocery store or fruit market, always buying small amounts.

This can be challenging in today’s busy world. LG’s refrigerators take advantage of some impressive innovations to combat this problem. First, digital sensors are positioned in the fridge at key locations.

These sensors closely monitor not only the temperature inside the fridge, but also, crucially, the humidity levels. When changes are detected, the fridge’s Dual Evaporator system reacts instantly to keep conditions at their optimal levels.

In addition, LG has incorporated its Fresh Air Filter system with the highly effective Multi Air flow design. Vents are strategically placed around the interior of the fridge, so food stays fresh wherever it’s located, and odors are whisked away even when food is dumped in the back corners. All of this means that food stays fresh longer, and busy consumers can spend less time at the supermarket buying fresh food.

While other refrigerators try to moderate temperature and humidity levels, LG’s refrigerators do it far more efficiently. This is largely due to the brilliantly designed Linear Compressor. A conventional compressor has four friction points; LG’s Linear Compressor only has one. Because compressors typically consume about 90 percent of a refrigerator’s energy usage, this makes LG’s refrigerators big energy savers.

Moreover, because the Linear Compressor is subject to less friction, it is also superbly durable. LG is so confident that the Linear Compressor will help keep food fresh for year after year, it backs up the product with a 10-year warranty.

LG refrigerators help consumers re-invent their food lives. Most importantly, LG’s refrigerators allow people to focus more of their energy on achieving healthy lifestyles. Human bodies are designed to take in calories from food and then burn those calories through physical exertion. By improving opportunities to eat good food and creating more free time, these refrigerators give consumers a leg up on overcoming the pitfalls of our modern food environment.

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